22 Dec 2008

Fiji rescue prank could cost tens of thousands

11:31 am on 22 December 2008

A prank call to the Fiji police emergency line which got authorities searching for ten people in waters off Kadavu, has cost the state around 17-thousand US dollars.

FijiLive quotes the Police spokesman Atunaisa Sokomuri as saying that's an estimated figure based on the cost of fuel, number of crew, their meals and the time used to carry out the operation.

He says a call came in on Saturday evening and someone said the fibreglass boat they were travelling in from Kadavu to Suva had capsized.

A search was immediately mounted a search and the navy was activated.

It went on through Saturday night and was called off by midday Sunday after nothing was found.

Investigations are still continuing, though it has been discovered what kind of cellphone was used to make the initial call.