22 Dec 2008

Major meeting called in American Samoa to discuss measures to combat dengue

4:29 pm on 22 December 2008

In American Samoa, the directors of the Department of Health, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Community College Land Grant Program are spearheading efforts to help stop the spread of dengue fever.

They are calling church, government, community and the media to a meeting with Governor Togiola tomorrow to propose solutions on how to address the dengue epidemic.

A letter from the directors says dengue has claimed the life of a child, affected a confirmed 600 people in the territory, and has now reached pandemic proportions in the Pacific Basin.

They say it cannot be controlled unless there's a community effort to stop the spread of the disease which is carried by mosquitoes.

The agencies have planned a major campaign that includes an island wide clean up, increased publicity about prevention of dengue and poster competitions.

The Health Department and the LBJ Hospital have already been promoting the three Ds - dress appropriately, drain water and use repellent that contains deet.