5 Jan 2009

CNMI power emergency extended

12:54 pm on 5 January 2009

For the sixth straight month, the Governor of the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas, Benigno Fitial, has placed the Commonwealth Utilities Corporation under a state of disaster emergency.

He says new findings and conclusions justify the need for the declaration.

The extension was signed at the end of last month and will last for 31 days.

A spokesman, Charles Reyes, has said the corporation will most likely remain under a state of emergency as long as the emergency Aggreko generators are in place.

The order suspends procurement regulations for the corporation, allowing the utility company to retain the generators and any other equipment or supplies necessary to maintain reliable power.

It also suspends local environmental regulations.

The governor says there are now 11 reasons why the emergency is necessary.

He said recent additions include the fact that hundreds of water meters, recently installed to properly bill for water usage, have failed due to their insufficiency for humid, saline climates.