8 Jan 2009

CNMI's finance secretary critical services are part of budget cuts

12:45 pm on 8 January 2009

The Northern Marianas finance secretary, Eloy Inos, says critical services, such as education, public health and public safety, are a part of Governor Benigno Fitial's 5.5 percent budget cut to all government agencies.

In a recent letter to the Legislature, the Governor said that the budgets of all government agencies would be slashed from this month due to dwindling government revenues and a lack of a budget.

The Saipan Tribune reports that according to Fitial, the proportionate cut will help the government, which expects to collect 156.7 million US dollars, to finish the fiscal year in the black.

The Finance Secretary, Eloy Inos, says the current cuts are the first round and by law the budget must be reduced proportionately.