12 Jan 2009

Solomons hospital to receive refurbished generator

11:37 am on 12 January 2009

A hospital in Malaita province in Solomon Islands is to get a refurbished generator within the next month, which will power most of its day to day activities.

The hydro generator from Atoifi Hospital in East Kwaio was damaged some years ago in a lightening strike.

A New Zealand volunteer, David Nunn, pulled it apart and shipped it back to New Zealand, where he fixed it.

He says he will be returning it to the hospital in around three weeks, but there is still more work to be done.

"Taking a few people in to help, because we have to fix hte dam, install this item, and it's a big piece of kit. We have to build a road, to get up there, cut through the bush, to get the item, in and then carry it up by hand. and it weighs probably about two tonnes."

David Nunn says the generator will allow the hospital to run refrigeration, to help keep antibiotics longer, and a pump for fresh water.