13 Jan 2009

Fiji flood clean-up amid threat of another deluge

3:28 pm on 13 January 2009

Fiji's Disaster Management Centre says the clean up has begun in some areas, but they are warning people to continue to prepare for more flooding.

Its Director Joeli Cawaki says people are working around the clock to restore power, water and telecommunications services to affected areas.

The number of evacuees in 101 evacuation centres has dropped to below 6,000 as people have begun to return to their homes after flood waters receded in some areas.

The interim government says 17 evacuation centres have been closed.

But Mr Cawaki says people still need to take precautions over the coming days.

"There is another depression coming our way and the weather at present is we have had rain all over Fiji and we've been giving out warnings to people to expect more floods and also for people to take precautions and if the flood waters have risen, then they have to move to higher ground."

Joeli Cawaki says the official death toll remains at seven.