14 Jan 2009

Samoa government awaits village decision over stand off on cash powermeter project

8:24 pm on 14 January 2009

Samoa's Electric Power Corporation is in a stand off with the Magiagi village, a suburb of Apia, over the government's proposed cash power meters installation project.

Most families are rejecting the proposal.

One hundred households of Magiagi were given free electricity as part of an agreement from the 1980s, since the village water resources were used to generate power.

This is now to change.

The government has reportedly offered to pay some compensation for the village resources such as land if they accept to pay their power bills and install cash power meters in their homes.

However the Minister of Works, Tuisugaletaua Sofara Aveau, denied any mention of the 28 year old free power supply agreement during a meeting with villagers.

The minister says the village council should come up with a decision in another meeting next month.