19 Jan 2009

Samoans urged to return to origins of Fa'asamoa

6:59 am on 19 January 2009

A government initiative is underway in Samoa to encourage people to go back to the traditional origins of Fa'asamoa - the practice of Samoan culture.

The government is concerned that people are putting themselves under massive financial pressures by over-committing themselves to family funerals, traditional ceremonies and also family weddings.

The villages of Sala'ilua and Sili have now banned the use of imported canned fish, various red meats and also chicken parts in village funerals after some families were left financially ruined.

The government has now set up a committee called Faleula o Samoa to look at those issues facing Fa'asamoa.

The assistant CEO at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and a member of Faleula Samoa, Maulolo Tavita, says the group has found that a lot Samoans are departing from the real essence of Fa'a Samoa.

"The essence of Fa'asamoa is to help each other and one another but it has got to the point where people are helping with things that are beyond their own ability, their own financial ability and that is causing some concern to the government."

The assistant CEO at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Maulolo Tavita.