21 Jan 2009

Fiji's interim regime accused of not following principles of good governance

11:51 am on 21 January 2009

Fiji's interim regime has been accused of not following the principles of good governance in the reappointment of the navy commander after he served a sentence for manslaughter.

Frances Kean was sentenced to 18 months in jail for the death of John Whippy in Suva in December 2006.

But the Suva based Pacific Concerns Resource Centre also questions the ethics behind the reappointment.

The Director, Tupou Vere, says the military regime should be accountable to the same principles of transparency and accountability that it used to justify the coup in 2006:

"This reinstatement for us exposes a number of discrepancies yet again in running of Fiji currently by the interim administration. The appointee, Mr Kean, is the brother in law of the appointing authority, in this case Commodore Bainmarama, and it casts grave doubts in independence of appointing authority and to us reeks heavily of nepotism and favouritisim."

The Director of the Pacific Concerns Resource Centre, Tupou Vere.