23 Jan 2009

Bougainville's President names his new Cabinet

10:58 am on 23 January 2009

The President of the Autonomous Bougainville Government in Papua New Guinea, James Tanis, has officially announced his new cabinet ministers.

The newspaper, The National , reports that Mr Tanis said the ministerial duties had been allocated evenly to all regions, with each region represented by four ministers.

The first appointment is the new vice-president, Ezekiel Massat, who is also responsible for law and justice.

The cabinet includes Glynn Tovirika as minister for veterans' affairs, Mathias Saka as finance and planning minister, Jonathan Ngati as local level government minister, Michael Otoroa as education minister, Joseph Watawi as business and consumers affairs minister, Patrick Nisira as works minister and Laura Ampa taking charge of the women and community affairs ministry.

South Bougainville's Andrew Miriki has been chosen as the new speaker.