27 Jan 2009

Fiji's FIRCA sees a reduction in revenue

12:01 pm on 27 January 2009

The Fiji Islands Revenue and Customs Authority is owed 47-million US dollars, a significant reduction from 54 million in the past decade.

The Fiji Times reports the FIRCA chairman, Peceli Vocea, revealed the figure while announcing that tax revenue totalled 65 million US dollars last year, at least 5 million better than 2007.

Mr Vocea says the board is satisfied with this performance even though it was slightly below target.

He says the achievement was made possible by a number of policy changes made last year to help low income earners during the global food and fuel price surges.

While this had cost the Government about 20 million US, Mr Vocea says FIRCA staff worked hard to achieve such a "remarkable" performance.