30 Jan 2009

Weather situation in Fiji has improved

11:29 am on 30 January 2009

The Fiji Metservice says the weather there has rapidly improved after it yesterday warned people to prepare for severely heavy rainfall caused by cyclone activity and an associated trough.

That resulted in the service issuing a heavy rain warning to central and western parts of Vitu Levu, where towns including Suva and Navua in the west had already suffered flooding.

But, Rajendra Prasad, the Director of Meteorology explains the central part of the island was worse hit.

"Most of the heavy rainfall which occurred yesterday, which amounted to I think about one day of rainfall to close to 300 milliliters. So that is really a cyclone rainfall when ever cyclones pass. So it was a really grave situation for central division than any other part of the country."

Rajendra Prasad says although the rainfall has eased today, he says people should remain alert as more rainfall is expected tonight.