2 Feb 2009

Flood damage in Fiji now estimated at US$43 million

11:12 am on 2 February 2009

Government departments in Fiji will be forced to re-prioritise their capital projects after flood damage estimates reached US$43 million yesterday.

Initial estimates had placed damage at about $30 million but this has been revised and is expected to continue climbing as the devastation of roads and bridges continues as a result of heavy rain in the past two days.

The Ministry of Health needs nearly US$400 thousand to repair hospitals, health centres, nursing stations and buy equipment and drugs damaged by the flood.

The Health Ministry's radio telephone stations were also destroyed and US$54 thousand is needed for health awareness programmes.

The Fiji Times says the Finance permanent secretary, Peceli Vocea, has been asked to clarify what funds are available to the State to carry out rehabilitation work, but so far there has been no response from his office.