3 Feb 2009

Seventy people evacuated from a local college in Solomon Islands because of flooding

12:26 pm on 3 February 2009

More than 70 people have been evacuated by boat from one of Solomon Island's main colleges because of flooding northwest of Guadalcanal and Savo Island.

The Solomon Island Disaster management office says the flooding has been caused by torrential rain and has resulted in the deaths of eight people, and another eight still missing.

The affected areas have also suffered bridges, homes and gardens being washed away.

Julian Makaa, senior programmes officer of the National office says those evacuated were picked up by boat and taken to safety.

"Selwyn College which is located, northwest of Guadalcanal. It has been affected by floods as well, so the police patrol boat, Lata evacuated more than 70 of them and taken them to Honiara where they are now in a safe area."

Meanwhile, Julian Makaa says food and water supplies are expected to be delivered to the affected areas soon.