3 Feb 2009

Fiji interim government reviews local council pays as part of reform

1:05 pm on 3 February 2009

Fiji's interim government says a review of salaries is part of its reform of municipal councils.

Last year, Fiji's cabinet moved to shorten mayor and councillor terms of office, and mayors' and councillors' contracts expired at the end of last month.

The permanent secretary to Local Government, Ram Chandra, says it is time to change how the 12 municipal councils operate, including what salaries they pay.

"We will be looking at the restructuring of some of the CEOs salaries in line with the higher salaries commission Act and to ensure there's equity in the payments and also the amount of work that is required among municipalities as they are all not the same, some have big populations, some are bigger than the others, therefore the salary range will vary therefore we are going to restructure the whole council."

Ram Chandra says councils haven't been dissolved but are rather undergoing a major reform process.

He says town clerks are now heading councils as chief executive officers, and special assistants are being hired this month to help out in the meantime.