5 Feb 2009

Niue MP to submit vote of no confidence in government

1:33 pm on 5 February 2009

A Niue MP is poised to submit a vote of no confidence in the government.

Niue's assembly is in session today, considering the passage of a bill to introduce a controversial consumer tax.

Terry Coe says his no confidence vote has the support of four other MPs and will be presented to the assembly as soon as it's accepted by the speaker.

"I put in the notice today of my intentions for a motion and then the assembly's got to meet within five to ten days to discuss that motion then we take a vote and whichever way it works out. If it fails well that's ok and if it goes ahead well then there's a change of the premier."

Terry Coe says the Niue Consumption Tax bill, which places a 12.5 percent tax on all goods and services, is expected to pass its second reading this afternoon.

He says it has the support of 14 MPs but is opposed by six, including a former premier, Young Vivian.