5 Feb 2009

Niue MP expects consumer tax bill to pass

3:58 pm on 5 February 2009

A Niue MP says he expects a bill to introduce a controversial consumer tax will pass into legislation.

The Niue Consumption Tax bill, which was introduced in the Assembly by Premier Toke Talagi, places a 12.5 percent tax on all goods and services and is being debated by MPs today.

The bill was deferred to the Bills Committee at the end of last year to allow for comment from the private sector and residents; its second deferral in a year.

Terry Coe says it's not the best way to increase government revenue.

"I would have rather have seen a bed tax that's put on which would capture the tourists, our consultants that come here and also workshop people that come here from overseas and that wouldn't affect the local, low income people and also a rental vehicle tax."

And Terry Coe says a tax review being considered by the assembly alongside the NCT only benefits higher income families.