6 Feb 2009

Relief supplies reach flood stricken victims in Solomon Islands

11:57 am on 6 February 2009

After much delay and confusion, food and other relief supplies have finally made their way to the disaster stricken areas of northwest Guadalcanal.

Authorities say bad weather prevented them from delivering supplies to the areas as early as expected.

Villagers have reportedly been surviving on coconuts since flooding swept their homes last Friday.

The Guadalcanal Provincial Disaster Coordinator, Herrick Savusi, told the Solomon Star food supplies should have reached the villagers by now.

Mr Savusi said deliveries will continue this week.

Meanwhile, some villagers have questioned why it took so long to deliver food supplies.

The Bonege chief, Derick Kamana, told the Solomon Star, that three communities in their area were affected and they have been waiting since Monday.

He says they have been sitting beside the road waiting for the supplies since Monday.

Meanwhile, villagers living beyond Tamboko in West Guadalcanal have been totally cut off from Honiara.

The Solomon Star says Tamboko bridge, which linked the road to Visale, Kohimarama and areas beyond Tamboko was completely damaged by flooding.

The paper reports that other bridges beyond Tamboko were also washed away and people have no access to Honiara.

The Guadalcanal Disaster Office says that has made it difficult to get relief supplies and medicines to the flood stricken victims.