9 Feb 2009

Solomons main hospital without anaesthetist

6:31 am on 9 February 2009

Solomon Islands National Referral hospital is currently acting without a specialist anaesthetist, after the only practicing staff member resigned.

The National Referral Hospital is the main hospital in the country, handling all major cases.

The acting permanent secretary of healthcare, Dr Cedric Alependava, says the hospital would normally have three specialist anaesthetists, but one is on leave, and one is studying.

He says there are 2 registrars and a visiting Cuban doctor who have all had anaesthetist training, and can perform minor surgery:

"If it is required major surgery, then it will be a problem for us. We are hopeful that if it is a bigger emergency then the three of them could work together so that they could assist each other in terms of major cases."

Dr Cedric Alependava says they are hoping to have one anaesthetist return by next week.