18 Feb 2009

Nauru considers freedom of information rules

3:16 pm on 18 February 2009

The President of Nauru says making information accessible to the public will ensure government is transparent and that the public is better able to hold government accountable.

Marcus Stephen was delivering the keynote address at the opening of a freedom of information workshop, which opened yesterday in Nauru.

The four day workshop has been organised by the Nauru Government, with support from the United Nations Development Programme, the Pacific Islands Forum and the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative.

It aims to raise awareness about the value of the right to information, and to provide technical advice on what should underpin any such legislation.

Nauru is trying to eradicate the corruption that has long plagued the country.

Mr Stephen says if Nauru introduces freedom of information legislation, the island will have an additional tool in its quest to wipe out corruption.