23 Feb 2009

Land Transport in Samoa to enforce use of bus stops

11:42 am on 23 February 2009

Bus owners in Samoa are reportedly supporting the Land Transport Authority or LTA's plan to enforce the use of bus stops in the country when the new controversial road side switch starts in September.

However the move will come with more expense to the bus operators because they have been told to change the entrance door of each wooden bus from the right to the left to coincide with the road side switch.

But ready made buses according to a senior manager of LTA, Tusa Misi Tupuola, will continue to operate with their entrance doors on the right side of the vehicle.

There is concern over public safety when the switch to the left side of the road starts, however the LTA and police are carrying out training around the country to introduce the new road regulations.

The Land Transport Authority will start road training officially this week using traffic lights and road signs installed on roads at the

Faleata sports complex to familiarize motorists with the new road switch.