23 Feb 2009

Strong opposition to stall on sale of ceded lands in Hawaii

4:56 pm on 23 February 2009

Indigenous Hawaiian leaders have announced plans for demonstrations protesting the U.S. Supreme Court appeal hearing over the sale of ceded lands, which gets underway on Wednesday.

Native Hawaiian groups have called for the Hawaii Governor, Linda Lingle, to stop the state's appeal, arguing the ability to sell the lands is in the interest of all Hawaii's residents.

The Hawaii Supreme Court has already ruled the state cannot sell or transfer ceded lands until all Native Hawaiian claims are resolved.

Mele Carroll, a member of Hawaii's House of Representative, says a vigil will be held on the eve of the court case in Honolulu, as well as demonstrations throughout Hawaii and other U.S. states.

"We have quite a bit of native Hawaiian leaders and community that will come to the Capital and sleep over and chant and yknow do their or our cultural process of marking this day. Y'know we dont want this appeal to happen."

Representative Mele Carroll