24 Feb 2009

New study to look at NZ-Samoa relationship

2:14 pm on 24 February 2009

New Zealand's relationship with Samoa will be examined in a fresh study by a Samoan student at Waikato University.

Delphina Taoa Kerslake has won a scholarship for a masters degree and aims to study the relationship between New Zealand and Samoa by looking at legal aspects of a number of high profile cases.

"I'll be looking at the beginning where New Zealand came over and governed Samoa, starting from 1914, looking at all that historical background the role it played in Samoa. Id also be looking at the League of Nations document which governed Samoa and New Zealand, and I'd be looking at the Treaty of Friendship. And I'd also be looking at the migration in the 70s, 60s and the dawn raids, and I'd also be looking at the citizenship issue."

Delphina Kerslake says the $12,000 scholarship will further her travel to do her research that's due to be completed by next February.