25 Feb 2009

Development plans for Fiji's Nukulau island still open

2:48 pm on 25 February 2009

The Director of the Ministry of Land Issues in Fiji says offers to lease Nukulau Island are still being investigated despite the interim Prime Minister's decision to preserve the land because of its historical importance.

The proposals have been made to utilise land on the island off Suva, nine years after it was used to imprison the 2000 coup frontman George Speight who is now serving his life sentence on the main island.

The Land Ministry director, Paserio Samisoni, says he believes the land can be utilised for both a hotel complex and a historical reserve.

"Well I hope to see a tourist destination looking at a sort of hotel. They're going to build there that does not stop the public from traveling across for their weekend picnics and what not."

Paserio Samisoni says the interim government will have the final decision of how the land will be used.