25 Feb 2009

Hawaii resolution urges governor to drop land case

5:00 pm on 25 February 2009

The House of Representatives in Hawaii has adopted a resolution, urging the Governor Linda Lingle and Attorney General Mark Bennett to withdraw their appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Senate Concurrent Resolution 40 urges them to withdraw the appeal of the Hawai'i Supreme Court's decision to place a moratorium on the selling of ceded lands until reconciliation is reached with native Hawaiians.

Representative Mele Carroll says native Hawaiians must do what they can to protect their land.

She says the resolution was passed by an overwhelming majority.

"Basically this resolution asks the Governor and Attorney General to withdraw their appeal. That the legislature declares the public policy of the state of Hawaii is to honour the decision of the state to honour the decision of the Supreme Court."

Representative Mele Carroll, who is a native Hawaiian, says the resolution is a step in the right direction although the hearing is tomorrow.

She also taking her concerns to US President Barack Obama in an effort to ask him to intervene in the matter.

Many native Hawaiians are holding peaceful vigils.

Governor Lingle says the appeal case must be heard and maintains that ceded lands belong to everyone - not just native Hawaiians.