26 Feb 2009

Massage parlors on Saipan band together in CNMI over licenses

8:18 am on 26 February 2009

Massage parlors want their masseuses licensed by the Northern Marianas government as they are complying with other requirements to be able to continue operating in Saipan when a new zoning law takes effect.

Currently there's no licensing requirement for those who want to be employed as a masseuse at massage parlors on Saipan.

But seven parlors are now banding together to form a business association and have a code of conduct so as not to be lumped together with "adult businesses" who have only until March 1 to comply or face hefty fines.

Kin Wan, secretary of the proposed Saipan Professional Massage Committee, said the group's members are legitimate massage parlors that have invested money to try and comply with the zoning law, but they now need a license.