3 Mar 2009

USP students from Solomon Islands lose Government scholarships

11:39 am on 3 March 2009

More than 100 Solomon Islands students at the University of the South Pacific have lost their Government scholarships.

The students lost the funding after failing to achieve a 50 percent mark in all their classes.

The National Training Unit manages and administers the scholarship fund of more than 9-thousand US dollars per student.

Its director, Selu Maezama, says while this group of students have failed, more than one thousand others have retained their scholarships.

Mr Maezama says some of the students who have failed have written to the Unit to appeal the decision and to explain what happened.

"We are slowly finding out that from the letters that are now coming through is they're saying one or two things is that the courses are difficult because they have not received their book allowances on time. Most of them are saying that maybe they have personal difficulties."

Selu Maezama of the National Training Unit in Solomon Islands.