10 Mar 2009

Samoan school excluded from inter-school sports competition

9:48 pm on 10 March 2009

The principal of Don Bosco Technical School in Samoa says its exclusion from this year's inter-school sports competition is unfair.

The government has given the nod for the country's Inter-School Sports competition to resume, after it was cancelled last year due to a student brawl involving Don Bosco students which left a school girl with burns from a petrol bomb.

Violence prevention measures have also been introduced, including a ban on some schools from taking part in the popular sports competition.

Alapetelo Vito says talented sports students at the technical school, who are well behaved, shouldn't be penalised by the few students involved in violent brawls in the past.

He says he hopes Don Bosco can get involved again in the future.

"I'm feeling for the kids. It doesnt matter to me, but I'm feeling sorry for the kids who have been denied the opportunity. But anyhow I'm looking for maybe some other competition - maybe a club - yeah for them to participate in yknow?"

Alaptelo Vito, the principal of Don Bosco Technical School in Samoa.