16 Mar 2009

Fiji political leaders determined to achieve reforms

8:02 pm on 16 March 2009

Fiji's political leaders are cautiously optimistic about progress towards general elections following a meeting with the interim government.

It has been agreed to include electoral reform and the elections on the agenda for the proposed President's Political Dialogue Forum.

The Forum is intended to bring politicians and NGO representatives together to find a way forward for Fiji.

The acting Secretary General of Fiji's Labour Party, Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi, says the eighteen political parties are determined to bring about change.

"There are other issues that need to be discussed by putting our heads together and perhaps putting our own interests aside so I am very optimistic like all other political parties that we will be able to discuss and achieve what we want to achieve for this country."

Another political leaders' meeting will be held next month to iron out details for the President's Political Dialogue Forum.