18 Mar 2009

American Samoa Chamber of Commerce wants to know about stimulus projects

3:00 pm on 18 March 2009

The American Samoa Chamber of Commerce is hopeful that it will be kept in the loop about projects and programmes that the administration is proposing to implement with funds from the economic stimulus law.

Its President, David Robinson, says except for a hastily called meeting organized by the Department of Commerce before the governor traveled to Washington, there has been no other discussion with the government.

He says it's important that businesses get information on the types of projects that the government is proposing so that they can line up orders for materials and supplies especially if there's going to be a lot of construction.

Mr Robinson says the chamber would appreciate a forum where businesses could see what is being planned and prepare themselves to assist with some of the projects being planned.

The Fono has also asked the governor to disclose his priority projects but has not received a response.