20 Mar 2009

NZ vulcanologist says getting information from undersea volcano is frustrating

11:34 am on 20 March 2009

A vulcanologist says efforts to get more information about a undersea volcano which is erupting off Tonga has been frustrated by its remote location.

New Zealand vulcanologists are monitoring the undersea volcano that erupted off Tonga earlier this week, just 10 kilometres off of Tonga's main island Tongatapu.

GNS Science is using satellite and photographic data relayed from Tonga to keep tabs on the eruption.

GNS vulcanologist Craig Miller says the eruption may last up to a week.

Mr Miller says attempts to find out more information about the eruption has been frustrated by its remote location.

He says the volcano is erupting in two areas and if it continues there could be some new land created.

However Mr Miller says if new land is created it will not last long.