23 Mar 2009

Councils in Kiribati considering cutting price of bus fares

5:56 am on 23 March 2009

Two local councils in Kiribati are considering cutting the price of bus fares following a drop in fuel prices.

The Teinainano Urban Council and the Betio Town Council control regulations on bus fares and licenses.

The Mayor of Betio Town Council Romano Reo says while he doesn't have accurate figures, petrol prices have dropped significantly.

He says the councils and their transport committee will discuss the issue in depth next month.

"We have to monitor the drop in fuel prices. If it's permanent, if it's temporary, we have to consider if it's going to be dropped for good. There's a possibility that we will sit together and reconsider a drop in fare prices."

Romano Reo says late last year bus fares were increased by ten Australian cents to 70 cents a ticket, and the councils may vote to return to the price to 60 cents.