23 Mar 2009

UNDP places value on Fijians' unpaid work

9:46 pm on 23 March 2009

A new publication just released by the UN Development Programme in Fiji looks to place a value on the time individuals spend on unpaid work such as caregiving.

The sort of data included in the report shows women in Suva spend 58 hours on housework a week as opposed to mens' eight hours or that women in Vanuatu had 25 percent less leisure time than men.

The UNDP looks to highlight the importance of placing value on time-use and for this information to help policy and decision-makers in the Pacific region.

In launching the publication, The UNDP Pacific Centre manager Garry Wiseman says it's important to provide separated out data about the different roles men and women play in the community.

"There are many surveys now undertaken as part of the development of policy in countries but if they're not concentrating on this aspect, sex disaggregated data, there's not going to understand how the policy might impact differently when on different genders."

Garry Wiseman says if one does not know what the differences are in one's community or country; it would be difficult to design good policies and programmes.