23 Mar 2009

Fiji Times editor vows to continue his work

9:44 pm on 23 March 2009

The editor of the Fiji Times says an attack on his house in the early hours of Sunday morning won't stop the newspaper speaking out against the interim goverrnment.

The attack, one of two on Saturday night, is the latest in a spate of politically motivated vandalism atacks.

Netani Rika says two masked men threw a beer bottle filled with kerosene and sugar through a window of his house.

He says he believes he was targetted because the Fiji Times continues to carry the views of people opposed to the interim government.

"There is a time to speak out and I think there's a time to speak out responsibly. I think we have done that, we will continue to do that. It's unfortunate that the people who have different views do not use the newspaper to make these views known and continue to move around under the cover of darkness to attack innocent people."

Netani Rika - the editor of the Fiji Times.