30 Mar 2009

Incest rates in Samoa said to be far too high

11:45 am on 30 March 2009

The Samoa Victim Support, an NGO which works with victims of sexual or physical abuse, says cases of incest are becoming all too common in the country.

Recently, the chief judge of Samoa's Supreme court, Patu Falefatu Sapolu highlighted the increase of sex cases involving fathers and their daughters.

He made the comments during the sentencing a man found guilty of raping his 14 year old step-daughter.

The man was sentenced to eleven and a half years in jail.

Earlier this month, a 36 year-old father was jailed for 20 years for raping his 15-year-old daughter.

In a similar case, a 46 year- old father was jailed for ten years for one count each of rape and carnal knowledge.

The Samoa Victim Support's secretary, Viliamu Paese, says he supports the judges comments about the increase in the number of such crimes.

"You know those kinds of crime are now too common in Samoa, you know, if the community as a whole work together to find some of resolution for this kind of crimes, that's the only thing we know could help our community in Samoa."