31 Mar 2009

Japan funds new fish market in Marshall Islands capital

10:04 am on 31 March 2009

Japan is to invest eight million US dollars to build a new fish market in the Marshall Islands capital Marjuro and provide vessels to generate fishing opportunities on isolated islands.

The Marshall Islands President Litokwa Tomeing, the Japanese Embassy Charge d'Affaires Kazuyuki Ohdaira and the head of Japan International Cooperation Agency's Pacific region Juichiro Sasaki signed agreements at the weekend.

A spokesperson for the Japan International Cooperation Agency, Kazuo Senga, says residents living in outer islands rely on fishing for their income but they don't have enough places to sell their fish.

"We are going to provide not only fish market facilities but also two carrier boats, I mean the boats to carry fish from outer islands to Majuro Atoll because it is necessary to buy the fish from them so that they can make more income in outer islands."

Kazuo Senga says construction on the fish market is expected to begin in January.