31 Mar 2009

Tahitian royal descendant launches political party

2:10 pm on 31 March 2009

A descendant of Tahiti's royal Pomare family has launched a party in a bid to win representation in the French Polynesian assembly on behalf of the indigenous people.

Joinville Pomare launched the Ano Ano Tupu Party at the weekend at a meeting which the Depeche de Tahiti newspaper says was attended by about 100 people.

Mr Pomare says he wants to inform the people of the 1842 treaty which made the kingdom a French protectorate and the 1880 treaty which saw Tahiti annexed by France.

He says 90 percent of families are affected by land problems whose origin are in the way the colonial rulers interpreted the treaty provisions.

France no longer recognises a Tahitian monarchy and has said the apparent recognition of the heir to the royal title, which is being claimed by Tauatomo Mairau, was an administrative error.