31 Mar 2009

Former CNMI speaker urges land ownership limits to be kept

2:44 pm on 31 March 2009

The former House Speaker of the Northern Marianas, Pedro Deleon Guerrero, says amending Article 12 of the Constitution is not the right way to boost the economy.

Article 12 stipulates that only persons of Northern Marianas descent may buy or own land in the CNMI.

Mr Guerrero told students of the Northern Marianas College the right way forward is to continue their education because that is the avenue to obtain their wealth and guarantee their future.

Mr Guerrero said selling properties would not guarantee them anything.

Advocates of Article 12 told the students that it protects the culture and identity of people of Northern Marianas descent.

They say on Guam, which doesn't restrict land ownership, locals have either become tenants or landless.