1 Apr 2009

Excitement over tourism potential of Hunga Ha'apai volcanic peninsula

9:48 pm on 1 April 2009

A tourism operator in Tonga says Tonga's Hunga Ha'apai islands should become a tourist attraction.

Only a week after the massive eruption on the island a group of adventurers have landed on the newly formed peninsula on the island and climbed up to the fragile rim of its volcanic crater.

One of them, GP Orbassano, says it's not easy to find an active volcano, and he doesn't believe it is dangerous.

"Especially if you fly [over it]. Going by boat take one and a half hours and sometimes the sea is very rough so it's uncomfortable. But by plane it takes one hour you stay 20 minutes, you can see everything, it is very very good, and unusual."

GP Orbassano - one of the first people to visit Tonga's Hunga Ha'apai island after a volcanic eruption.