6 Apr 2009

New government could be formed in French Polynesia this week

6:26 am on 6 April 2009

The French Polynesian opposition To Tatou Aia coalition says it expects to be included in a new government to be formed by President Oscar Temaru this week.

While Mr Temaru has been quiet about the proposed re-shuffle, the opposition's Gaston Tong Sang says such a change is inevitable to cement the new alliance between Mr Temaru's pro-independence Union For Democracy and Mr Tong Sang's side.

According to press reports, Mr Temaru has on two occasions sought ties with Mr Tong Sang as Mr Temaru's relationship with Gaston Flosse of the Tahoeraa Huiraatira has in recent weeks grown increasingly strained.

This comes days before the assembly is expected to choose a new assembly president, a post currently held by the Tahoeraa's Edouard Fritch but now likely to go to a candidate of the To Tatou Aia.

If the new alliance is formed, it would mark an unprecedented low point for the Tahoeraa whose electoral setback last year was masked by it striking a deal with Mr Temaru's Party.