7 Apr 2009

Solomon Islands PM seeks Cabinet approval to improve status of women

7:55 am on 7 April 2009

The Solomon Islands Prime Minister Derek Sikua says he will be seeking cabinet approval to move immediately to take certain initiatives to improve the status of women in the country.

Dr Sikua says the initiatives are in relation to politics, decision making and education, and he plans to inform parliament about them in its next meeting.

The Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation says it understand the initiatives are to seek reserved seats for women in parliament as voters chose no women at the last election.

The National Council of Women's, Sarah Dyer, says a taskforce has been working on a cabinet paper on reserved seats for some time.

"We are looking at it as not a gender thing, we are looking at it as the women's point of view of this country, that you know, there is this need to have women working with our men up in parliament, to be able to make decisions for this country if we would want to move forward."

The Solomon Islands National Council of Women's, Sarah Dyer.