8 Apr 2009

American Samoa police investigate missing evidence in drug case

8:47 am on 8 April 2009

In American Samoa, evidence for an upcoming drug case has gone missing from the Department of Public Safety Evidence Room.

Police sources say that investigators working on the case could not locate crystal methmphetamine that had been confiscated in a police raid of a home two years ago.

The case has still not been adjudicated.

The Commissioner of Public Safety, Tuaolo Fruean, has told the head of the Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Bureau, Vaa Sunia, to investigate how the evidence went missing.

Mr Fruean says he is disturbed that the evidence cannot be located.

He also referred to a case last year where guns that were stored in the evidence room were removed.

Mr Fruean says the removal of evidence must be stopped immediately.

He has also asked for an internal inquiry by the Department of Public Safety.

The evidence room locks have been changed and the only keys to the room have been handed to the Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Bureau Commander.