9 Apr 2009

Some Fiji political parties may be left out of today's meeting

7:35 am on 9 April 2009

Some of Fiji's political parties may not be allowed in to today's meeting of leaders.

This morning sees the beginning of the third meeting of Fiji's Political Party leaders, aimed at furthering progress towards the Presidential political dialogue forum.

Megan Whelan reports.

"Several political parties were issued with conditional invitations to the meeting, stipulating that they agree to certain terms, including not speaking to what is termed partisan media and foreign countries. They were told to respond by late yesterday, and it remains to be seen if they will be allowed into the meeting. If it goes ahead, the meeting will spend much of the morning discussing the proposals the UN and Commonwealth have made for their involvement Presidents Political Dialogue Forum. In the afternoon, the political leaders will discuss the inclusion of civil society in the forum. They will also discuss the ultimatums by the Pacific Islands Forum and Commonwealth Ministerial Action group for elections to be held this year."