10 Apr 2009

Samoa group warns of drive switch costs

3:44 pm on 10 April 2009

The Samoan lobby group People Against Switching sides says there will be huge consequences if the Government's decision to change the side that vehicles travel on is not repealed.

The group's newly elected Chairperson Papali'i Viopapa Annandale says the group continues to fight against the bill to switch driving to right-hand drive cars, which is due to come into force in September.

She says already businesses selling left-hand drive cars have collapsed and contributed to the decline in the economy.

"I'm not an economist but I can speak on behalf of PASS. What PASS is asking Government is to recognise that this bill is hugely unpopular, it has enormous potential for loss of life, already it's resulted in loss of businesses and that they should repeal this bill."

Papali'i Viopapa Annandale says the group is continuing to fight against the switch.

PASS will be holding public meeting in Apia next week to discuss the matter.