14 Apr 2009

Fiji's General Voters Party Forum needs to respect Fiji's sovereignty

11:07 am on 14 April 2009

Fiji's General Voters Party, which supports the interim government, says the Pacific Islands Forum needs to respect Fiji's sovereignty.

The Secretary General of the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat has expressed his deep concern and disappointment at recent developments in Fiji.

The party's spokesperson, Fred Caine, says political leaders want to have dialogue with the Forum.

He says Forum leaders have only heard from the interim government, which is now a caretaker government, something he says makes it a whole new ball game.

"And these little countries, they want to tell us what to do. They can't dictate to Fiji. Look they are trying to Fiji. There are problems in Darfur, in Sudan, in Thailand, in the Middle East. Is Fiji in that same classification? No. Look around today in Suva. It is peaceful. People are swimming in beaches."

Fred Caine says Fiji's political parties will attempt to attend the next Forum meeting in Cairns in August.