14 Apr 2009

Fiji prosecutor not at work, Fiji Law Society head in police custody

1:36 pm on 14 April 2009

It has been confirmed that the director of public prosecutions, Josaia Naigulevu, was advised by his staff this morning not to come in to work because the office was being taken over.

Reliable sources say military legal personnel and police have moved in as public prosecutors.

He is not under house arrest.

Meanwhile, our correspondent, Matelita Ragogo, says she spoke with the President of the Law Society, Dorsami Naidu, after he was taken in by police this morning.

"The last time I spoke to him was about an hour ago and he was still being held at the Lautoka Police Station. He said they hadn't told him why he'd been brought in. They hadn't started questioning him at that point."

Matelita Ragogo