14 Apr 2009

Banished Samoan MP returns home after village reconciliation

3:15 pm on 14 April 2009

The village council of Vaisala in Samoa has welcomed back one of the paramount chiefs and Member of Parliament for Vaisigano number one

constituency on Savaii island, Va'ai Solia Papu Va'ai, after he and his family were banished as a result of an alleged assault by the MP's wife.

The politician who is a caucus member of the Tautua Samoa party was accused of having an affair for which his wife allegedly assaulted him, resulting in a village decision in February to banish the MP and his family.

However, after reconciliation between the parties involved the village council of Vaisala has decided to welcome back the MP and his family.

A source in the village says the banished family has made a presentation of food, fine mats and money after a traditional consultation with senior village chiefs and orators.