15 Apr 2009

Niueans from New Zealand celebrate their culture

1:53 pm on 15 April 2009

Niueans from New Zealand have over the past week been demonstrating their versions of cultural dance and song to the island's residents.

About 140 visitors are on the island for a festival, organised with the assistance of New Zealand's Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs.

The aim has been to re-acquaint expatriates with their culture, identity and heritage, but one of the organisers, Ida Heskesi Talagi, says they have also brought their own cultural presentations.

"I suppose it is their interpretation of how they see the Niuean arts and crafts, and as you know, culture evolves so it's good to see a mix of how they interpret culture and how the Niueans here, the local Niueans, how they portray the culture as well, so it's, I don't know - it's a fantastic blend."

Ida Heskesi Talagi