20 Apr 2009

American gay rights activist movie may never be shown in Samoa

6:38 am on 20 April 2009

The movie Milk, based on the life of American gay rights activist Harvey Milk, may never been shown in Samoa.

The movie was rejected by the principal censor, when a local movie store chain applied for it to be distributed in Samoa.

The chief executive of the ministry of justice, Masinalupe Tusipa, says the store, Movies4U, could have appealed that decision with the board of censors.

"From the Movies4U point of view, I don't think they want to appeal the decision. The reason why I say that, was because there was a article in in the paper, and I did raise with Movies4U and I told them you have never come to the board for any decision on that, and they afterwards sent me an apology."

Masinalupe Tusipa says he believes the deadline for an appeal has lapsed.

He says another movie company can apply for the movie to be distributed.

Eteuati Junior Esau, the General Manager of Movies4U, declined to comment.