20 Apr 2009

Better ways to cut Fiji's public servants than dropping retirement age says Professor

8:50 am on 20 April 2009

An economics professor at the University of the South Pacific in Suva, Dr Biman Prasad, says there are better ways to cut the number of Fiji's public servants than dropping the retirement age.

Last week, Commodore Frank Bainimarama's Government ordered civil servants over the age of 55 to retire by the end of this month, although exceptions will be made.

Previously the retirement age has been set at 60, though since the 2006 coup the military regime has been pushing to have it dropped to 55.

The move is set to cause a loss of skills and experience and Dr Prasad questions the approach taken by the Commander.

"I have taken the view that the civil service should have been right sized through natural attrition and looking at the whole recruitment promotion procedures that the current public service structure allows. So that would probably have been more orderly."

Biman Prasad

Commodore Bainimarama himself turns 55 in a week.